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Listed below are some of the most commonly asked questions about our golf schools. If you have a question about the golf school that you cannot find an answer to on our website, please feel free to call our school at (702) 777-2444.

1. How much time does Butch spend with the class during a school?

2. Why is your school more expensive than other golf schools Iíve researched?

3. What level of ability does the average student who attends the school possess?

4. Will I really improve my game by attending one of your schools?

5. I do not need hotel accommodations Ė is there a discounted price?

6. Is there a dress code when attending the school or taking private lessons?

7. What does the price of the golf school include?

8. Does Butch play with the students during the on-course playing lessons?

9. Is there a waiting list?

10. Is there a discount for PGA Club Professionals to attend the school?

11. Is there any additional charge to bring a guest with me to stay at the hotel?

12. Do you still hold a school if there is inclement weather?

13. Whatís the minimum and maximum number of students in a school?

14. Is there a discount for returning to the school each year?

15. Is there a minimum age required to attend a school?

16. Can I stay somewhere besides the provided hotels when I attend the golf school?

17. Is the class structured any differently between a three-day school with Butch and a three-day school with the staff professionals?

18. Do you offer one-day schools with Butch Harmon?

19. What aspects of the game are covered during a one-day, two-day, or a three-day school?

20. If my corporation buys an entire school, can we modify the school itinerary?

21. Do the one-day schools with Butch always specialize in short game only?

22. Is it possible to stay extra days at the provided hotel or reserve additional rooms? What is the cost to do this?

23. What are the temperatures in Las Vegas during the months you offer schools?

24. Can my corporation or myself buy all of the spots in a school?

25. I reserved a spot in a school and now need to cancel. What do I do?

26. Do you offer commissions to travel agents for booking reservations?

27. Why do some schools not have a waiting list?

28. Do you ship any of your merchandise to locations outside of the USA? What about FedEx or USPS - do you ship via those carriers?


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