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Butch Harmon & Danny Gans

Below are four hilarious video clips of Butch working with Las Vegas icon and entertainer of the year Danny Gans, known to all as the "man of many voices". Click the description to view the clip, available only in Windows Media Player format.

Butch & Danny Gans #1

This clip features Danny as Arnold Schwarzenegger & Mike Tyson as he receives advice from Butch on hitting his driver.
Butch & Danny Gans #2

This clip features Danny as Rodney Dangerfield, Jimmy Stewart, & Muhammed Ali working with Butch on his short irons.
Butch & Danny Gans #3

This clip features Danny as Woddy Allen & George Burns working on a short chip.
Butch & Danny Gans #4

This clip features Danny as former President Bill Clinton working with Butch on his putting stroke.

Winn Grips

Butch Harmon and Winn Grips have one of the best known and relationships in the golf business and we're excited to offer the Winn Grips commercials and behind-the-scenes footage here on our website.

Winn Grips Vintage #1 Winn Grips Vintage #2

Butch Harmon Winn Grips College Commercials

Winn Grips: Alligator Belt
Winn Grips: The Best Grips in Golf
Winn Grips: Golf Cart
Winn Grips: Friendly Duel
Winn Grips: College Foursome
Winn Grips: High Tech Grips
Winn Grips: Butch's Threat
Winn Grips: Just Another Tiger Wanna-be

Behind the scenes at the Winn Grips commercial shoot

Butch & UGA's Hairy Dawg
Butch & Florida's Albert
Butch & College Mascots
Butch & LSU's Mike the Tiger


The Butch Harmon School of Golf completely endorses the Explanar Golf Training System and we're very proud to be associated with this fine product and also its inventor, Luther Blacklock.
What is the Explanar Butch & the Explanar

Butch Harmon's Right Grip

The Right Grip
Get your hands in the right place
Develop Consistency
Be like the best players
Hit the ball farther

Miscellaneous Videos

Sky Sports: Butch explaining Tiger's swing at US Open 2004
ESPNews: Butch Harmon Vegas Tour
Golf Channel Academy Live: Butch, A. Scott, S. Cink
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