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Listed below are some of Butch's favorite and most requested tips covering all types of shots and situations found in golf. Click on the title to see the full text of Butch's hint.

Hints from the Tee

How High to Tee the Ball When Driving
Senior Savvy
Tee Up on Par-Three Holes
Be a Heel
Do Your Tee Shots Skip?
Confidence Booster
The J.G. Rule

Hints from the Fairway

Hit Through the Hula Hoop
Hit the Forward Ball
How to Hit a 1-Iron
Higher Ground
What to Do When the Ball Is Below Your Feet
What to Do When the Ball Is Above Your Feet
How to Hit Strong Long Irons
How to Cheat the Wind
What to Do When the Fairway Is Wet
Confidence Trick
Crosswind Strategies
Hardpan Recovery
The Water Shot
Ball Perched Up High in Rough
Ball on Pine Needles
Ball in Scottish Heather
How to Handle Clover
Half-Sand, Half-Grass Lie
Ball Under Bush, Normal Swing Impeded
Ball in Ice Plant
How to Play a Middle Iron from Deep Rough
Low Shot Under Branches
Quick Draw
How to Hit a High Iron Shot
How to Hit a Low Iron Shot
What to Do If Your Iron Shots lack Power
What to Do If You Take the Club Back Outside the Target line and Slice
Is Your Backswing Too Short?
What to Do When the Sand Is Coarse
What to Do If You Open the Clubface at Impact and Push Putts.
Freezing Over the Ball
What to Do When You're Down in a Match
Swing Rehearsal
Wet Weather Golf
How to Hit Short Fairway Bunker Shots
Regain the Feel for the Release
How to Flatten an Overly Steep Plane
Cure for a Reverse Pivot

Hints from the Green

That Nerve-Racking 40-Yard Pitch
Chipping to a Wet Green
Putting on Wet Greens
Putting Downhill on Fast Greens
Putting on Slow Greens
How to Handle Severe Uphill Putts
How to Handle Severe Downhill Putts
What to Do When the Green Slopes Severely From Left to Right
What to Do When the Green Slopes Severely From Right to Left
Green Reading
Putting With the Grain
Putting Into the Grain
Chipping From Sand
Be a Studious Chipper
What to Do When Playing an Uphill Chip
What to Do When Playing a Downhill Chip
Stay Loose When the Ball Is Tight Against the Collar
L-Wedge Off Tight Fairways
The Texas Wedge Shot
Over a Bank, Toward the Cup
Extrasoft Pitch to a Hard Green
Bank On It
Mini-Pitch From Grassy Lie
Chipping to Tight Pin on Fast Green
What to Do When the Sand Is Powdery
Lucky Bounces
Cure for Hitting Chips Left of the Hole
Cure for Hitting Chips Right of the Hole
Missing Short Putts?
What to Do When Putting in Wind
Stand Tall on Long Putts
How to Hit a Super Lag Putt
Where's the "Sweet Spot" on Your Putter?
Steady Now
Palms Parallel
Use Your Imagination

Hints on Practicing

The Power Sweep
The Power Stretch
Go With "Your" Shot
What to Do If You're Confused About Ball Position
Is It Okay to Be Unorthodox?
Cure for Swaying
Keep the Same Mind-set
Know Your Course Like a Book
Check Your Clubs
Backyard Practice
Post-Round Practice
A Small Wager Will Help You Handle Pressure

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